Uncategorized Hookup and Dating Site Review – Zoosk Review

Single people out there are still looking for their partners. So, are you this unfortunate fellow who is looking for a partner but under some circumstances couldn’t do so? Then this is the help for you! Some of the best dating sites include Match and eharmony, but another worth checking is

We see a lot of people who are interested in dating, so if you are one of them, check out our review of – a hookup and dating site like no other.

Main Features of

When looking for a good dating site, you need to consider some important key features so you will know if the likelihood of getting a partner is viable through this website. Take note that these features are based on overall customer experience and ours – things you don’t really want to miss out.

It is very easy to setup

One great feature of Zoosk is that it is relatively easy to setup. All you need is to register for an account and then fill up a very few questions about you, and you should be all set. Registration can be further shortened as well if you register through Facebook or Google respectively.

Strict Verified Profiles Only

Another feature that leans toward reliability is the fact that all the people who will message you in are people who have added their phone number and had verified their identity. It means that every single account that is capable of messaging another person is created by a human itself, not a robot.

The number of users is staggering

It is imperative to know that the more people you can find in a hookup and dating site, the more chances you will find a match. Zoosk has over 35 million users, and most of these users are very active until now.

A proper profile picture is compulsory

Come on, guys. You don’t really want a dating site whose users are uploading anime or game characters as their profile picture, right? Good thing Zoosk isn’t like this. gradually checks their users if they are the real person that can be seen in their accounts.


Pros You Should Expect in Using

So why register to Apart from its irresistible features and reputation in the dating site industry, let us know some pros and perks that we can take advantage off as we use the website.

Matchmaking with little supervision and editing

As said earlier, you can setup your account relatively easier than most dating sites. But will you be able to find a match with very little information you share? The answer is, yes. uses a special searching algorithm which optimizes your little information to match it with a potential partner from within the website. They use not just the information you voluntarily share, but also those other information such as the profiles you check on, the people you try to reach out, and the profiles you put a check on when they are suggested to you.

The ability to blog your experience

They say that when you love your special person, you would be so happy to shout it out to the whole world. For centuries this was just an exaggerated quotation, but in Zoosk it is more than possible. Finally found your soul mate through Zoosk and have met? Then shout it out to the world how happy you are! This can be done by blogging directly to their website – and don’t forget to snap those sweet moments so you could upload it with captions!

Verified only interaction

Though most of the users are verified, we can’t deny the fact that some are just not. These unverified users are mostly those who have just registered and will just try to check on some people to see if they could score some quick fellas in the site. Well, the thing is that everyone is protected. You can turn on that setting so that the only person who can send you a “hi” are those verified users only.

Some Cons That You Need to Consider

Just as other websites, there are also some cons that you need to know about Zoosk. These cons are not very serious though, but still worth mentioning.

Can be expensive

Sadly, Zoosk can be expensive for some users most especially from those countries which value of money is less than the value of US dollars. The reason is because Zoosk offers a fix price for their services regardless of where you reside. So if you are just into hookups, might as well check on the pricing of hookers in your local area versus the price that you will be required to pay in

Pay first before use

While it is true that there are some features in the site that are free, but most of its major features that could get you into something are the paid ones. It could be possible to find someone with limited functionalities, but don’t expect a quick turnaround if you are just into the freebies.

Mixed hookup and dating

If you are looking for true love, this site is of course one of the best. But! Do not forget the fact that this site supports hookups, so make sure to know who you are dealing with or you might get hurt in the long run if you are not careful. Make sure that the person you are dealing with wants dating with strings attached, not just some people looking for a few night stands.



Now that you have read this review about, you should know by now what are the key things that you need to take note in this website. As a general rule on any hookup and dating website, try to know first your motive and the type of person you want to meet. Because in the end, it is always between you and the people you meet that will matter. Always remember; check the website, check the profile, and then check for the attitude!